We had a plan; two years, become debt free working our Melaleuca business, then buy a recreational vehicle, and travel the country in search of America. Simple plan, very doable; but sometimes well-thought plans are affected by the desire to live with no regrets.

Let me introduce ourselves; Sharon and Dave Lewis and our trusty dog, Maximus! I guess you describe us as semi-retired, debt-burdened (no different than most our age), quietly adventurous, people who wish not to reach our life end  having too many experiences not enjoyed. Sharon is a former college administrator now doing consulting & field research. Dave is a former counselor & college professor turned entrepreneur. Maximus is a dog!

Long story short; we happened upon a “previously enjoyed”, 31 ft. motor home (13 years old, low mileage) Four Winds Hurricane! It called to us and all of a sudden, it’s ours! Well, we can’t just let it sit there! So we began thinking of the foolish adventure that we can’t afford, is completely irresponsible, is not reasonable, and that we just have to do! Our “why nots” supersede the better play safes.

So here is the adventure and we invite you to follow along (sometimes Dave will write, sometimes Sharon), there will be video and there will be photos. If you are near where we are; come for a visit or travel along. Know that we continue to work and that we will be doing this on a budget! The beauty of our business is that we can work wherever! More about that later!!!

We have rented our home for a year. Toward the end of December, we will head south and spend a couple months in a warmer climate and adapt to life in a rectanglar box. After that, we reevaluate and hopefully head westward. Along the way, we hope to discover America; the one we are confident remains, tolerant, loving, hopeful.

Now, we are making sure everything in the motorhome works as it should and planning what to pack, what to store, and living each day with the nagging question, “what have we done?” See you down the road…



Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

2 thoughts on “THE THREE OF US!”

  1. This is very inspirational. Memories and good times is everything we have in life. I am sure, every single place you visit, you will be leaving a piece of your heart. Enjoy the journey and pleaser keep posting photos of this great adventure! ❤️🌹❤️


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