Sharon’s First Weeks

Three weeks on our adventure. The traveling to reach Florida was so much fun. The view from the panoramic front windows is breath taking as you see the mountains and valleys roll by. Stopping in Winchester VA and seeing the Lewis clan there just awesome. We were treated to two delicious home cooked meals with the best company in the world. Then on to Florida with some interesting boondocking – Walmart and Cracker Barrel. One tire adventure along the way but found the experience pleasant with some great help along the way. Maxi our dear dog adjusting to his new home along the way. Seemed fine as long as he knew we were there.

Now having spent some time actually living in this tiny space, I notice that I do not really miss the”stuff” I left behind. Miss my friends and family and routines but not the material things. I can live with less!

One bout with ants and we quickly learned how important anti bug stuff sprayed around tires and wires outside can be. We did a little as advised by friends but not enough. Lesson listen well to the locals and ask questions.

Cooking is an experience who knew it could take an hour to boil water using propane gas. So pasta and hard boiled eggs can be a challenge. Adjusting to this as well. Went to a potluck at our RV park and learned a lot. Crockpots rule!

Laundry duties seem to be back in my court as we now do that once a week at the shared laundromat. Good way to mingle though. Hoping Dave and I will take turns with this chore. But then again he is dealing with the grey tank and the black tank and all the “daring” that goes on.

Exploring the area has begun. Beaches and rivers and restaurants and pet stores. Maxi goes to the doctor on Monday. The little growth on his head is getting bigger.  We may have to have it removed. We shall see. Many dogs here so he is making friends at the dog park. 

Much more to share as we meet locals and other snowbirds. So far it is a great adventure. Will look forward to more sharing as the months go by.



Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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