BUSINESS and PLEASURE: Learning to live in a smaller, mobile space.

Seven weeks into our “adventure”, we’re finding the transition from three bedroom house to one bedroom – 31 foot motor home has been less of a challenge than we had imagined. Doing more with less has become a way of life; but we are not feeling deprived. In fact, we find ourselves enjoying a rich abundance of warmth (Florida in the winter, don’t you know), new affiliations (I am now a “Moose”), and proving that one can be financially responsible & productive on the road!

Our RV camp is close to several beaches and we have strolled the sands and enjoyed picturesque sunsets. Last Monday, we met a couple enjoying the setting sun at Apollo Beach. Snowbirds from Ohio, they return weekly for “Margarita Monday” and we plan to join the party for some of the future displays. 
We both contine to work, mostly mornings, so that our afternoons & evenings are free to both roam and meet people, who might be possible business partners. Our zero debt goal remains an important target. We are proving that you can travel the country on a budget, have tons of fun, and generate income. You just need to move a little bit outside the proverbial comfort zone. As the guys at Nike say, “Just Do It!” Knock on wood, “we are doing it”!

Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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