Random thoughts; we are developing a routine that works as we are remain in one location.  We work in the morning and pursue adventures in the afternoon and evening. I take Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday (until evening) off, while Sharon usually, works weekdays.  Of course, there are also chores; such as laundry, housekeeping, and tanning. 

We found a church that we like. Unity Church in the Woods (Bradenton) is a small, but welcoming congregation. The pastor, Greg Williams, is a talented musician with a positive, encouraging message. We are happy to consider ourselves members! The services begin at 10: oo Sunday mornings; followed by fellowship and A Course In Miracles gathering.

The two most frequent comments we encounter are, “I would love to do that” and what about your mail?”!  Our answer to the first is that you can; we work and continue to create income through subcontract work for a major university and building our wellness business. Plan, organize, and take action; that is what it takes. As for our mai, these first months, we simply made a temporary forward with the USPS. Later, when we become mobile, our mail will be transferred to our son, Adam. He has offered to sort and forward important mail. Other travelers use mail forwarding services that help them establish residency. We are not at that point.

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Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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