We survived learning to live in a reduced space for an extended period! Two and a half months at an RV park in Florida, offered new lessons; perhaps the most important, that we don’t really need much of the “stuff” we accumulate, such as my comfortable recliner chair, fine dish ware, or  numerous clothing ensembles. Shabby chic is just fine!

We left Florida about a week ago, moving North to Virginia, for a visit with our sons and families. Colder weather was a shock; but we have heat, forming a cacoon of relative comfort. It is pleasant to spend some time with family; but we are missing the ones in New Hampshire, too!

While here, we’re planning some RV maintenance (3 new tires, a wash & wax, and safety check) that will last a couple days; enough time for a quick sprint to visit my mother, a grooming with Valerie at Twisted Scissors, and a doctor appointment. Then, back to Virginia and a heading West toward Tennessee.

There has been a negative; our current campground is less than it might be. 😟The field personnel are cordial and helpful; but one lady managing the store and entry to the park, seems devoid of customer service skills. Last evening, one son, his wife, and our nearly three year-old granddaughter came for a short visit and ice cream dessert. They were charged $5 per person for entry. UNACCEPTABLE! There were no services they used and the pool is closed! We will be conversing with the owner and unlikely to return in the future. Sad for them; because we might have stayed several weeks each year.

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Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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