Oklahoma Morning!

Here we are in a state park in Oklahoma! We have a truly glorious view of Lake Eufaula right from the bedroom of the RV. I am feeling so blessed and greatful to be having this experience.  I was wondering what the purpose of this trip is for me and I am beginning to understand God’s wish for me to have the internal peace I need to understand the infinite Love God has for all of us. This country is so beautiful, the people I meet so generous and loving, and the time of silences so filled with learning.  Today my lesson has been two fold- wow God had blessings to bestow and God’s plan for salvation includes Me.  Just look out at the Beauty God provides. I am awed by the gifts given me through my family, friends and adventures ahead. Gypsy life is suiting me!!! Sharon  Namaste!!!

Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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