Every once in a while, stuff happens! It’s not so much “the stuff”; but, how one responds.

Sharon and I have been very fortunate with our adventure, no major mechanical failures, never stranded out in the ‘boonies’; we are blessed!

Monday morning, 10 miles South of Salt Lake City, driving along  I-15, we heard a loud ‘POP’, followed by some rattling underneath the RV. We were able to safely pull over and found a blown tire and minor surrounding damage. 

For many, this may have been a time to lose composure, shout “why me”, and sink by the side of the road in frustrated tears. I have learned, this response is not helpful! While there have been life events, where I chose a similar reaction, it was never helpful!

Stuff happens, and the healthiest response seems to be the one that harks back to my counseling methodology; solution-based action. You can’t change what happened, but you can manage your own behavior. Calm thinking produces manageable progress toward a viable outcome!

Long story short; roadside assistance arrived, mounted a new (gold-plated) tire, and wished us safe travels. We arrived at our destination, late but safe, and after supper and bed; writing this overview.

Perhaps this is indeed, a metaphor for life…

Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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