SO MUCH WE LEARN FROM THIS DOG! Maximus is our guide & mentor!

How special can one little dog be? Well, we all have our favorites and, admittedly, every canine companion that has taken part of my heart has been special to me. But Maximus, our traveling companion on this adventure, has been leading and teaching as a master of positivity and neighborliness!

Max greets each new encounter with a waggly butt and happy expectation. Patient with all the petting and rubbing; he truly enjoys the attention and appears surprised when a few pass him by or look dolisapprovingly.

He teaches a philosophy of open acceptance & joy in what he receives. His family is not financially wealthy, yet Max assumes abundance and takes in a happy attitude.

Each day, we learn from Max; a real blessing. Certainly an angel, with ears hung low & tail cut short.

Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

2 thoughts on “SO MUCH WE LEARN FROM THIS DOG! Maximus is our guide & mentor!”

  1. I love this post! We, too, had a very special cocker spaniel. We had to say good bye to him in April of 2016. He was an ambassador for his breed. He loved everyone and everyone loved him. We made friends wherever we went because of him. We heard so many cocker spaniel stories! He taught us so much.
    Maybe your Maximus is continuing our Stubby’s good works!
    We are new to rving, we now have a little Cavalier King Charles to travel with. He loves his rv, but needs to work on his people manners, he is so excited to meet new people that he sometimes comes on a bit to much!
    Keep up the great work Maximus!

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