Many travel to see the sights; but for Sharon and I, we enjoy becoming involved in local culture, cuisine, and daily life, as well. 
As case in point, our last week in Utah, we attended the Art Festival in Moab; two days filled with a variety of music, home made ice cream, local food, and “beverage”! The first week in Colorado, we happened upon the annual “Mike, The Headless Chicken Festival,” in Fruida! Check it out, there really was a Mike and he lived nearly two years after having his head loped off! Sounds like Festival material to me! Point of the story; don’t just come for the scenery!

In addition, I made a business connection at the headless chicken ( 🍗 ) event and was able to attend a networking meeting in Grand Junction!  From that meeting, I came away with several leads and more suggestions of what the locals wanted us to see.

Even more, we “camped” at the local Moose Lodge and joined them for dinners, dancing, and more suggestions of local things to see & do. Just traveling through is a short change of the total experience!

Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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