As we began our adventure, we wanted to live within a budget and continue earning an income; we were surprised to find others doing the same and others raising their families “on the road”!

Sharon works (part-time) supporting research for a major university, while I am a product advocate for an on-line wellness buying club.  Good wifi is essential for both of us!

In many ways, this adventure has been risky; personally & professionally. Leaving the predictable, comfort of our lives in Rochester for a gypsy lifestyle is scary. But, moving out of one’s comfort zone is also exciting and a welcome challenge!

Six months into our adventure;

  • We are less attached to our “things” and house
  • While Sharon sometimes misses “home”, I have grown to think “home” is where you park it!
  • Working for an employer, remotely, has advantages, while my entrepreneurial activity requires relationship building that is difficult when “on the move”.
  • RVing is likely to become a somewhat permanent lifestyle; we must decide whether to keep our property in Rochester & go South in Winter, or buy in a warmer climate & travel In Summer.

Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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