Lots of HOT AIR in Albuquerque!

The annual International Balloon Fiesta, has been on Sharon’s bucket list for quite a time; me, not so much.

To be fair, my thinking of the festival was based upon much smaller events; 30 or 40 balloons at most, not spectacular. On this foundation, I drove our RV from Winslow with mixed feelings, hoping the three days of our attendance might pass quickly.

We approached Albuquerque, a day early; needing to do some RV maintenance and some “boon-docking” at a local truck stop. This evening proved the worst part of our weekend (most truckers leave their generators running and the noise made a good nights sleep, difficult)!

Then came the most pleasant surprise; the balloon fiesta was AMAZING! The weather was perfect, over 500 balloons, interactive pilots & crews, and a well organized event, turned my attitude in a positive direction. I was able to make over 200 images; several that may find their way into my portfolio stock file.

The most enjoyable part, though; watching the “child in a candy shop” behavior of Sharon. Wandering amongst the balloons, not knowing where to look next, amazement as they rose to the sky, and planning what to do next, gave us a memorable experience and a high point of our ongoing adventure!

Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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