We’ve talked about working while “on the road”; Sharon continues p/t as a researcher and together we share the benefits of the wellness company with people who have dreams of becoming more.

Many people we meet are retired and travel part time, others have retired, sold their homes, and RV full-time. We’ve met others, who continue to work full-time, linked to their employers via internet.

Today we met, Bill. Bill is a customer with the wellness company, and has a terrific lifesaving story! It’s a great story, but you’ll need to contact me to hear more. But, Bill also continues his RV lifestyle by work-sharing. This happens by reaching agreement with a park or similar location and exchanging some form of work or skill, for free or reduced cost parking/electric, water, and sewer. As it turns out, we’ve met many people who do this. Some even work in the Northern States during the summer and then move to another “work-stay” position during winter months! Snowbirds for hire; lol!

Sharon and I have discussed this; but for now, we prefer to not be tied down to one location, for an entire season. We really do have the potential to earn a full-time income, without a boss or time clock!

We help people live a healthy lifestyle, by switching stores:

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Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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