The note on the RV office door said, “Turtle Launch, Saturday morning, 10:00 a.m.” No further details were offered.

We were camped near Port Aransas, Texas (East of Corpus Christi), near the beach and there was ample evidence they were still repairing from the visit of Hurricane Harvey, two months previous. Our traveling with a purpose, needed an injection of spontaneity; but what was a “turtle launch”? Opportunity???

Mind you, I have lived in Ohio, where they used to motivate chickens to fly at the Bob Evans farm; using a mailbox & plunger and memories of the fictional WKRP in Cincinnati turkey drop still bring tears of laughter to my eyes!

Saturday dawned and our morning walk along the beach, found about a hundred or so people waiting near shore. There were both locals and sojourners present; including some dogs, so Max was not a problem. He befriended two young girls, who petted and fussed over him. Small world; their mother is from Canton, NY!

It turns out that this area of a Texas, is home to a rescue group that saves, treats, and returns injured sea turtles to the wild. They have staff, a veterinarian, and many volunteers. Their home base was impacted by the hurricane, but they were able to find alternative housing and saved all the turtles and numerous birds, who were located temporarily in one of the volunteer’s grandmother’s porch! Today was a day that they could release eight of their habilitated amphibious residents.

Of course there were shirts to be bought and a plea for financial support was delivered; but it was really a day to celebrate life and release. One by one, large, mature turtles were carried to the water and encouraged to swim to freedom. There was applause, hugs from the volunteers, and prayer for safe travels; as these denizens swam to who knows where.

Point of this discourse; be open to the serendipity offered by notes on the office door. Perhaps they lead to — who knows where!

Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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