MORE CHANGES: A Hurricane in all kinds of weather!

It’s been four years since we began our adventures with “Harvey”, our Hurricane motorhome. It was a 2003 model with 20,000 miles of experience and we were naive with an absence of that same experience.

Sharon and I were very fortunate, enjoying adventures with Harvey, ranging from New York to Florida to South Dakota, Colorado to Washington State, Oregon to Arizona, and back to Florida. Harvey Hurricane hardly missed a beat as we chugged over mountains, through deserts, and many campgrounds.

Once again this Winter, Harvey brought us safely South to Florida, but his age was showing and with no slides for added living space, claustrophobia was becoming a normal feeling. Sadly, it seemed time to seek separate adventures.

Enter “Hazel Hurricane”, Harvey’s Great Granddaughter. Younger & sporting two slides, two bathrooms, and a washer/dryer, Hazel is ready to carry the legacy forward. We’ve sold our real home in Rochester, NY and plan to follow the sun and family.

Stay tuned, we’ve got plans and Hazel is raring to go!!!

Author: travelersthreeinsearchofamerica

Three souls (Dave, Sharon, & dog Max)

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