Oklahoma Morning!

Here we are in a state park in Oklahoma! We have a truly glorious view of Lake Eufaula right from the bedroom of the RV. I am feeling so blessed and greatful to be having this experience.  I was wondering what the purpose of this trip is for me and I am beginning to understand God’s wish for me to have the internal peace I need to understand the infinite Love God has for all of us. This country is so beautiful, the people I meet so generous and loving, and the time of silences so filled with learning.  Today my lesson has been two fold- wow God had blessings to bestow and God’s plan for salvation includes Me.  Just look out at the Beauty God provides. I am awed by the gifts given me through my family, friends and adventures ahead. Gypsy life is suiting me!!! Sharon  Namaste!!!


You can miss a lot, by not looking! Small, unimposing museums and assorted “Americana” dot the highways of our country, yet we mostly drive by. 

Case in point; the Jello Museum in LeRoy, NY.  There you will find everything you didn’t care to know about the gelatin dessert that most of us grew up with! Such as: most popular flavor is cherry! Story left unsaid: Bill Cosby (for a while, a Jello spokesman) references have been removed from display, taking Jack Benny (“Jello-again”) with him.

You will not find these “gems” along the four-lane super-duper highways. You need to get off!


We survived learning to live in a reduced space for an extended period! Two and a half months at an RV park in Florida, offered new lessons; perhaps the most important, that we don’t really need much of the “stuff” we accumulate, such as my comfortable recliner chair, fine dish ware, or  numerous clothing ensembles. Shabby chic is just fine!

We left Florida about a week ago, moving North to Virginia, for a visit with our sons and families. Colder weather was a shock; but we have heat, forming a cacoon of relative comfort. It is pleasant to spend some time with family; but we are missing the ones in New Hampshire, too!

While here, we’re planning some RV maintenance (3 new tires, a wash & wax, and safety check) that will last a couple days; enough time for a quick sprint to visit my mother, a grooming with Valerie at Twisted Scissors, and a doctor appointment. Then, back to Virginia and a heading West toward Tennessee.

There has been a negative; our current campground is less than it might be. 😟The field personnel are cordial and helpful; but one lady managing the store and entry to the park, seems devoid of customer service skills. Last evening, one son, his wife, and our nearly three year-old granddaughter came for a short visit and ice cream dessert. They were charged $5 per person for entry. UNACCEPTABLE! There were no services they used and the pool is closed! We will be conversing with the owner and unlikely to return in the future. Sad for them; because we might have stayed several weeks each year.

Mr. Fixit

Little seems to cause more excitement at the RV park than the arriv of Rusty (Morgan’s Mobil RV Repaiy)!  Rusty Morgan & his wife, Kelly, are a well-functioning team who keep the units in camp repaired and working effectively.

We’ve benefited twice from their visits to repair electrical, plumbing, and surface improvements. This last time, they added a storage tube for our septic hose & replaced a contact so that we can tow our car.

While Rusty works by appointment; his appearance at the park always attracts several other RV owners, hoping that he might also be able to help out at their unit. Usually, he makes a quick stop to repair, advise, or schedule a future visit.

Pictured: Rusty & Kelly working in view of our friend, Bruce.


Random thoughts; we are developing a routine that works as we are remain in one location.  We work in the morning and pursue adventures in the afternoon and evening. I take Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday (until evening) off, while Sharon usually, works weekdays.  Of course, there are also chores; such as laundry, housekeeping, and tanning. 

We found a church that we like. Unity Church in the Woods (Bradenton) is a small, but welcoming congregation. The pastor, Greg Williams, is a talented musician with a positive, encouraging message. We are happy to consider ourselves members! The services begin at 10: oo Sunday mornings; followed by fellowship and A Course In Miracles gathering.

The two most frequent comments we encounter are, “I would love to do that” and what about your mail?”!  Our answer to the first is that you can; we work and continue to create income through subcontract work for a major university and building our wellness business. Plan, organize, and take action; that is what it takes. As for our mai, these first months, we simply made a temporary forward with the USPS. Later, when we become mobile, our mail will be transferred to our son, Adam. He has offered to sort and forward important mail. Other travelers use mail forwarding services that help them establish residency. We are not at that point.